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1 (baseball) a relief pitcher who can protect a lead in the last inning or two of the game [syn: closer]
2 a painter who applies a finishing coat
3 a worker who performs the last step in a manufacturing process

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  1. A person who finishes or completes something
  2. A construction machine used to smooth a newly constructed road surface

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Finisher 'noun' (Biology - Genome) In genome sequencing field, A Finisher is one who analyzes an electropherogram, a graphical representation of data received from a sequencing machine and yields one read, in comparison to the consensus, a sequence that has been generated from the alignment of multiple reads, presented by the computer programs Phred and Phrap, to determine if the consensus accurately reflects the nucleotide sequence; when the data is incomplete or inadequate, the finisher calls more reactions with appropriate chemistry in order to gather more data.

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KO, capstone, climax, clincher, conclusive argument, copestone, crown, crusher, cutter, death stroke, deathblow, end-all, ender, final stroke, final touch, finishing stroke, floorer, garmentmaker, garmentworker, kayo, kayo punch, knockdown argument, knockout, knockout blow, last dab, last stroke, last touch, needleworker, quietus, settler, sockdolager, stitcher, stopper
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